Sunday, July 1, 2012

Balitaan sa Tinapayan: July 1, 2012

Topic of the day
-Structures along the West Valley Fault Line

Guest speaker of the day is Renato Solidum, current PHILVOCS Director

Video streaming by Ustream

In my opinion, some Filipinos are still stubborn when it comes to first things first
I have trekked to the Taal Volcano Crater in October 2008 and I saw the families residing in the Taal Volcano island. Everybody is aware that the Taal Volcano is an active volcano but still residents choose to live here to make a living and don't care about their safety. The government should make a move on this related matter. They should relocate the residents into a more safe place and train them for livelihood jobs. 

I have been in Thailand in 2007 and I saw how they made a disaster planning and program after they were hit by a tsunami in December 2004. The US government is a back-up with their program to detect and predict early warning signs against such catastrophes. They also have designated evacuation centers and there are public signs so that tourists can run into these evacuation centers. 

The Philippines can do something like these, the people whom are responsible for these kind of job are so lame and doesn't even think about these issues. I hope that they will try to do their best to serve the people as a public servant and not corrupt the citizens' money.

Balitaan sa Tinapayan is a weekly news media forum held every Sunday at the 2nd floor of Tinapayan Festival Bakeshop coordinated by Lito Laparan and forum host Ricky Velasco of DZMM. 

This socio-political event is sponsored by: Tinapayan Festival Bakeshoppe

Tinapayan Festival Bakeshoppe
1650 Dapitan Street corner Don Quijote Streets, Sampaloc, Manila

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