Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kitten 101: Feeding is Believing

I attended earlier the cat seminar, Kitten 101: Feeding is Believing at the PetExpress Makati Branch.  I live near Mall Of Asia but I attended another seminar last February 4 so I attended this seminar in Makati instead.  The seminar is all about cats which is the counter part to their Puppy 101 seminar last January 29, 2012.

The speaker Dr. Marco Ripoll DVM is the Technical Manager at Hill's Science Diet. 
I have met him before during the Pet Blessing event in Ayala Triangle last October 2, 2011. He was there since their company is one of the sponsors of the event. 

The seminar had few attendees compared with the Puppy 101 seminar last month. It means that most Filipinos own dogs more than cats. Dr. Marco Ripoll asked me before the event how many cats I have. I said I have two whom are Puspin (Pusang Pinoy).  One of my cats was given to me while the other one, I got him from the streets. 

So let me share to you the information that I have gained and learned during the seminar.

 Kitten & Cat 101

 Life Stage
Kitten - 0 to 12 months
Adult Cat - 1 to 6 years old 
Mature Adult Cat - 7 years +  (prone to kidney problems)

 *Signs of Good Health
- bright and clear eyes
- clean and free of discharges, odorless ears
- smell (fresh mouth)
- gums should be pink
- no tartar or plaque on teeth
- free of sores or growth
- shiny and clean coat
- active cats are rarely overweight

- Rabies  
- Feline Distemper
- Upper Respiratory Infection
- (FELV) Feline Leukemia
- Feline Infectious Peritonitis
- FIV (this is the same with HIV of humans) 

When should a kitten be vaccinated? 
The 4-in-1 should be given when the kitten is about 6 to 10 weeks old, every 2 weeks 
(total of 3 doses). Anti-rabies shot should be administered when the kitten is 12 weeks old (1 dose only).

When should an adult cat be vaccinated? 
 The 4-in-1 and Anti-rabies shot should be done yearly.

 Parasite Prevention & Deworming
Deworming should be when the kitten is 8 weeks old then follow-up after 2 weeks and every 2-3 months. When the cat reaches 1 year, deworming will be done yearly instead. 

Flea & Tick Prevention
Usually administered when the kitten is about 1-2 months of age since it was being transferred by the mother cat after giving birth to her litter.  Spot-on treatments are available and should be follow-up monthly.

When to take your pet to the vet?
- Diarrhea
- Constipation
- Vomiting
- Abnormal Urination (Urinary stone)

Overweight cats are also prone to some illnesses like:
- Diabetes
- Kidney problems (lack of protein source)
- Heart problems
- Skin problems

Transition Feeding Guide
Days 1-2  75% cat’s current food; 25% cat's new food
Days 3-4  50% cat’s current food; 50% cat's new food
Days 5-6  25% cat’s current food; 75% cat's new food

 Day 7        100% cat's new food

Hairball Prevention
- Brush fur coat regularly
- Cat food with hairball control

Avoid cat population! How?
Spaying/neutering (kapon) is available for both male cats (neutering) and female cats (spaying). Not unless you are rich and you can take care of your cat's litter
You just need to go to a veterinarian for this procedure or you may go to an animal NGO for cheaper rates or sometimes for free (every February during World Spay Day).
Don't make it a habit like other Filipinos that they bring the litter somewhere (nililigaw) just to get rid of it. Would you do that if those babies are yours?

Litter - offspring at one birth of animals from the same mother and usually from one set of parents. The word is most often used for the offspring of mammals.

Spayed/neutered cats live a healthier lifestyle and roam less to find a mate. Its also for you, you can't sleep at night when your cat is in heat and wanted to go out of the house to mate.
Don't worry, they don't crave for it unlike humans because for them mating is for reproduction only.

Important things to remember
- Never yell or punish your cat, use positive words
- Always praise him/her (even when your cat has been bad)
- Be patient when training your cat
- Cats don't like change (like changing cat litter, moving house, new pet or persons. 
Don't worry, they will adjust to the situation after some time)
- A pet is a lifetime commitment 


  1. One thing that we Filipinos don't follow is the annual anti-rabies shot. We always think that having one anti-rabies shot is enough for our dog/cat's lifetime.

    1. I agree because they are not well informed that anti-rabies shot and other vaccinations should be done yearly. Its not just for our pet but also for us and others - being a responsible pet owner.

  2. My mom was bitten by a stray cat for no reason at all a few years back and since then I stayed away from cats. It didnt help that the cat population in our place is quite a handful. The whole neighborhood is sort of inis to them kasi they steal food and all. Sana there's a way pa to tame them.

  3. Cats steal food for survival because nobody is feeding and taking care of them. My cats never steal food because they are well fed. I have 2 cats now and one them is from the streets, he is more tame and sweeter than the other one who was given to me.

  4. Hello Sophia! These are very good tips/insights. We actually have a stray cat -- well, the cat was given to my 4-year old niece then. Recently, "nang-gigil" yung niece ko sa cat, then she got bit by it. She had a really deep wound, and her hand got swollen right after. We've yet to know what her medications/shots will be. Her mom was also advised about checking the cat if it's still living. If it isn't, then that would be bad (rabies connection). So far, my niece hasn't been feeling anything off.

    1. Cats (even dogs)will only acquire rabies if they have been bitten by another animal infected by rabies. Anti-rabies vaccination is a prevention so that our pet will not get infected with rabies.

  5. I think cats are good companion same as having a dog. They are very "malambing". We used to have a siamese cat before but when she died there's no more after that.

    1. Cats are very affectionate! :)
      People who own cat/s live longer...

  6. I don't have cats anymore (I used to, when I was younger). They're really wonderful companions, especially if you're the more reserved, laid back type. The amazing thing about cats is they they seem to stay away from you when you're happy and, instinctively, they keep you company when they feel you're feeling down.