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Sophia Cabantog

I'm a supportive sister, a full-time call center agent, part-time blogger, foodie, bookworm, film buff, caffeine addict, cat lover, traveller and a follower of Buddhist philosophy.  

I used to be a freelance article and trivia writer.  I also like joining online raffle and competitions, I win prizes most of the time. 
I love attending events (even not bloggers events)  and educational seminars. I am very passionate in learning. I'm frugal but I don't settle for less when it comes to my own comfort and I still dress fabulously (depending on the occassion).

Follow me on twitter: @sophie_dfuss

Our blog is also PR-Friendly, feel free to email us for press releases and invitations at sophie_dfuss@yahoo.com   :)

Catherine Ruth Cabantog (left)

A full-time call center agent,  real foodie, bargain hunter, diabetic and plus-sized.

Love to eat and cook, like to  hibernate when not working. # 1 fan of my sister Sophia.


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