Monday, July 23, 2012

Cosmestics: Disadvantages to the Women's Body

Are you a kikay girl? 
Maybe you should know what those cosmetics are made up of and what will it bring into your body?!  I don't want to make any women get scared with this post but I am spreading awareness.

Every woman has her own vanity. There's nothing wrong with that. Most woman what to make themselves beautiful for herself and for others. You just need to be careful. How?!
Use organic or vegan cosmetic products, these kind of products are widely available these days and many people opted to use products that has natural and organic ingredients. 

It is still better to use less cosmetics. When I was younger, I always put make-up as early as a high school student. Nowadays, I'm on my early 30's now and I seldom put make-up on my face since most foundations I have used clog my pores and develop into pimples. Less make-up is best as it will make you look more natural and younger in the same time.

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