Monday, April 30, 2012

Win-a-Wedding Raffle Promo

Hizon's Catering has launched the 5th Win-a-Wedding Raffle Promo for 2012
They will raffle off everything you need to make your dream wedding come true.

What are the prizes for the Win-a-Wedding Raffle Promo?
To know the prizes, go here

The draw date will be held on September 30, 2012 at Hizon's Catering Showroom in Quezon City.

After your registration the fun and thrill doesn't stop there,
because they will be giving a FREE wedding e-book for ALL participants who register. 

The best part is that NO purchase or commitment is required! Simply sign up to join.
Simply register online at

What bride wouldn't want an ideal wedding?

SIDDHARTHA: A Musical Journey to Enlightenment


For Non-Buddhists, Buddha was a human. He was an Indian, not Chinese. 
He was Prince Siddartha from Northern India. He sought answers to life’s questions and who discovered a way of loving-kindness and compassion to achieve liberation and perfect peace as the Buddha.

I have attended the musical yesterday at 3pm together with some friends and fellow devotees. I should be seating at the middle of the theater which is my favorite spot but for a change I seated earlier at the balcony for the first time.  I just wanted to try it because most VIPs like to seat in the balcony of a theater like Abraham Lincoln etc.

I loved the opening of the musical, the performers were very good in dancing and singing. Their Indian costumes were also very nice and elegant. Really fit for the royalty.  The choreography was also very good that it gave a great impression on the audience until the end of the musical. If I can describe it in one word - - SPECTACULAR!

I also love the soundtrack of the musical, it was so relaxing that I fell asleep a little bit because I didn't sleep well the other night before. It was not boring, it was just me but I still tried to keep up and watch the musical. After the musical, we were given a souvenir CD of the musical's soundtrack which is perfect since I can use it when ever I'm meditating at home.

Follow the life of the Buddha, one of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers, in this musical acclaimed in Taiwan with lyrics written by Fo Guang Shan founder Venerable Master Hsing Yun, compositions by award-winning songwriter Jude Gitamondoc, and a Cebu-based cast and crew directed by Daisy Ba-ad.

The musical was presented by International Buddhist Progress Society, 
Manila (IBPS) (Fo Guang Shan Mabuhay Temple), Buddha's Light International Association, Philippines (BLIA) and De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

It was an invitational event by Fong Guang Shan Mabuhay Temple held at the 
SDA Theater 0f De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (School of Design and Arts Campus) 
950 P. Ocampo St., Malate, Manila

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Buy an ALCATEL GLAM phone and get a FREE Glam Manicure

Get the new ALCATEL GLAM 810D phone at Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar and they will give you a GLAM MANICURE for FREE! :) 

The ALCATEL GLAM 810D phone is so chic and compact just like a girl's mirror. 
It is available in two colors: Chrome and Victorian Pink. 
Dare to be different! So what's your color? 

(Photos are courtesy of Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar)

The ALCATEL GLAM 810D phone is bursting out with great phone features and specifications that you can't say NO. Even me that I want it so bad!

The confirmed suggested retail price of ALCATEL GLAM phone at  Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar is Php3,500.00 only (Php3,599 original price). Limited stock only.

Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar is located at Unit 2D 
(above Security Bank and Starbucks Coffee) Lee Gardens Condominium 
along Shaw Boulevard corner Lee St. (near Petron Gas Station), Mandaluyong City 

Landline number:  (02)- 3582412 

Business Hours: Mondays to Sundays 10am to 9pm only

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chick Flick Film Marathon

pelikula@titusbrandsma is a free monthly film screening with dialogue that features fine samples of world cinema. It is an offering of the Titus Brandsma Center (TBC) Media Program under the auspices ...of the Carmelites in the Philippines. This monthly event is aimed at giving a meaningful experience for film enthusiasts (invitational only).

An "open space" for dialogue, interaction and reflection through film.

April 28, 2012. Saturday, 1:30 pm onwards

Line Up:

CLEAN (France/Canada/United Kingdom)
Olivier Assayas
French, English, Cantonese
111 minutes

With a past riddled with drugs and regrets, one woman embarks on a journey to establish a loving relationship with her son and create a future together. It's an emotional and moving story of dreams, reality and life in the fast lane from director Olivier Assayas featuring Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Maggie Cheung and Academy Award nominee Nick Nolte.

Cannes Film Festival
Palme d'Or (nominated)
Technical Grand Prize (won)
Best Actress (Maggie Cheung - won)

Lee Chang-dong
142 minutes

A master of intensely emotional human dramas, director Lee Chang-dong is a luminary of contemporary Korean cinema, and his place on the international stage was cemented by this stirring and unpredictable work examining grief and deliverance. An effortless mix of lightness and uncompromising darkness, Secret Sunshine (Miryang) stars Cannes best actress winner Jeon Do-yeon as a widowed piano teacher who moves with her young son from Seoul to her late husband’s provincial hometown for a fresh start. Quietly expressive, supple filmmaking and sublime, subtle performances distinguish this remarkable portrayal of the search for grace amid tragedy.

In May 2007, the film was one of 20 films running for the Featured Films competition at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. Jeon Do-yeon won the Prix d'interprétation féminine du Festival de Cannes (Best Actress)

The film won Best Feature Film and Best Performance by an Actress at the 2007 Asia Pacific Screen Awards, where it was also nominated for Best Screenplay.

In the second Asian Film Awards, the film won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress.

"DANZON" (Mexico)
María Novaro
120 minutes

Julia (Maria Rojo) is a phone operator in Mexico City who divides her time between her job, her daughter and the danzon: a cuban dance very popular in Mexico and Central America. Every wednesday Julia does the danzon with Carmelo in the old "Salon Colonia". They've danced for years but barely know each other. One night Carmelo disappears without a trace. Feeling lonely and sad, Julia takes a train to Veracruz, where she knows Carmelo has a brother. That sudden trip will change Julia's life forever.

Directors' Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival
Best Actress, Valladolid International Film Festival


Thursday, April 26, 2012

ASUS Eee Slate EP121

With the wave of consumer-friendly tablets washing over the market, tablets running Windows have been relegated to niche or vertical markets where they are applied to specialized uses.

But these tablets with a full-blown operating system still have a place, and although you probably won’t be catching up on Korean dramas with the ASUS Eee Slate EP121 during your daily commute, it makes a decent laptop alternative if you purchase an external keyboard.

For those who like the best of both the touch and keyboard worlds, is the slate worth the buy?

Design and hardware
Beside the sleek design of the Zenbooks and Republic of Gamers high performance gaming notebooks, the Slate EP121 looks plain. There’s nothing sexy about the slate, and even the device’s name leaves much to be desired. This is clearly not a device intended for the mass market.

You’ll also notice how much bigger it is. The screen is 12.1-inches, and looks huge when placed next to the 9.7-inch iPad or any 10.1-inch Android tablet. At 16.95mm thick, it’s also one of the chunkiest tablets on the market, if not the chunkiest. This means that holding up for prolonged periods is not a feasible option, as it’s quite heavy.

But these trade-offs are not in vain. The slate packs an Intel Core i5 processor, up to 4GB of RAM and up to 64GB of flash storage. Naturally, there’s a full range of connectivity options, including two USB ports, an SD card reader, and an HDMI port.
On the top of the slate, you’ll find a sleep/power button, a switch to lock the slate’s screen orientation, and a button to launch the on-screen keyboard. The built-in pocket for the stylus is found on the other end.

The back of the slate flexes a little too much when pressed. At least there’s a textured pattern on it, so there’s better grip if you want to hold it up. But overall build is sturdy enough to endure everyday knocks and bumps.

In all, the hardware is pretty good based on today’s tablet standards, and the “Intel inside” CPU powers up the slate in a flash. When I tested it, I didn’t find any lag while running normal day-to-day operations, such as Web browsing, watching videos, and working on documents. Audio quality exceed expectations, and the screen responsiveness is top-notch.

Wacom Digitizer stylus
The EP121’s key selling point is undoubtedly its Wacom Digitizer stylus. It works like a marvel and feels more natural than any other stylus I’ve used.
Its pressure sensitiveness is great for artists and designers who do a lot of handwork. If you’re just fond of handwriting, Windows 7’s handwriting recognition is excellent, and note-taking on the EP121 isn’t a struggle at all.

One issue which I anticipated was conflicting touch input from my hand and the stylus. If you want to write comfortably, you’ll have to rest your palm on the screen, which can result in erratic behavior. But there is an option to turn off finger touch recognition and have the slate recognise input only from the stylus, which makes writing a lot easier.

I lent the slate to a friend who’s an avid graphic designer and illustrator to see how suitable it would be for that segment of the market, and he found it less a “media consumption” device but more useful as a laptop replacement – similar to netbooks or ultrabooks without the keyboards.

Bundled software (or lack of) and accessories
The EP121 ships with Windows 7, and because of that one single feature, it doesn’t feel like a toy. I might be looking at this too simplistically, but when you pick up the slate and see Windows 7 powering up, the experience is decidedly different from an iPad or Android tablet. You just know you’re not going to use the former in the same way as the latter.

But the biggest downside is how finger-unfriendly Windows 7 is. Navigating with the stylus is easier than a finger, but still not as easy as with a mouse. But as mentioned, handwriting recognition on Windows 7 is very accurate. You can scribble anything in your worst doctor’s handwriting impression and the machine can still read it.
Goondu Review: ASUS Eee Slate EP121
Despite the cool stylus functionality, the slate does not ship with any free software to take advantage of it. You’ll have to pony up for software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. Windows 7 does provide some writing apps, such as the Windows Journal for note-taking. But there is no creative software bundled to take advantage of the stylus.

Fortunately, there is a nice-looking leather case for which comes together with the slate. There are fold-out flaps to prob the slate up, kind of like the iPad’s smart cover. There’s also a slot for the stylus, because the stylus pocket won’t open with the tablet in the case.

Not for everybody
If you really like handwriting input, or need to do a lot of illustration or design, this Eee Slate is definitely a good buy. I still remember my childhood when I used to love the magic slate and how often I used it.

If you’re looking for a Windows 7 tablet, but don’t need the fancy Wacom stylus, then there are sleeker choices, including devices from Samsung and Acer.
On the flip side, this Asus tablet is future-proof to a certain extent, as I’m sure Windows 8 would work great on it once it’s released.

Monday, April 23, 2012


PAPA JOHN'S  is just around the corner...
ITS TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which only means --- UNLI PIZZA DAY!!!!!

1. First come, first serve/first dine. Reservations will not be entertained to be fair.
2. Strictly no leftovers please. Refill slices will be served once your slice is consumed up to the edge.
3. Strictly NO SHARING!
4. Available every Tuesdays from 6-9pm ONLY.

Special UNLI PIZZA Meat Flavors: Meaty Pizza, Beef & Onion, Pepperoni & Hawaiian!!


Arnaiz, Avenue
Waltermart Sucat

Robinsons Galleria Veranda
University Mall Taft Avenue
SM Megamall
Brick Road, Sta Lucia
Tomas Morato
BF Homes, Pque
SM Fairview
Greenbelt 3
Jupiter, Makati

See you there!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hancom Office Product Launch Event


I joined Hancom, Inc. facebook promo last April 5 which is the Hancom Office Product Launch Event simply by downloading their new product Hancom Office 2010 (English Edition) and "LIKE" Hancom, Inc. on facebook. Please refer to the picture below for further instructions. (Photo courtesy by: Hancom)


Last April 16, I received an email from Hancom that I have won the Hancom Office Product Launch Event and I receive an gift card worth $30. I have deleted some part of the picture because of the claim code of the gift card.

I have redeem the claim code of my $30 gift card and its good to know that it doesn't expire though the gift card balance will apply on my next purchase. (see picture below of my  account screenshot). 

 The promo period is from April 5 - May 10 so if you want to take try Hancom Office 2010 (English Edition) and get a chance to win an gift card just like me. Click here

Saturday, April 7, 2012

BROOK'S Coffee from Japan

It was March 13, 2012 when I saw Brook's café message on facebook,  
"Hi Coffee Lovers! Have you known the news JAPANESQUE JOINED CANTAFE? Then, You can Get CANTAFE assort set with Exclusive FREE Shipping for Asia Now!!"

I immediately signed up on their website to get BROOK'S coffee sample. I have seen their products before online and they deliver in the Oceania (Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon), Middle East (Jordan, Saudi Arabia and UAE) and Asian countries including Philippines. Likewise, I  informed my sister and friends whom are coffee lovers as well.  They said that the last day for FREE coffee samples will be March 21, 2012. 

I received my BROOK'S coffee samples via standard mail last April 4 just before Holy Thursday as on the picture below. I was having coffee that morning with my neighbor who's a Balikbayan. I was surprised because he asked me what did I receive and I told him its coffee samples from Japan. He replied me, "From BROOK'S Brothers? Those are good ones, you'll love it."
Coffee samples received by mail

I have received a sample pack each of European Blend and the Japanesque Cantafe'. 
The European Blend has a drip bag which is uncommon to me but its easy to use since there are instructions on the pack. The European Blend is a black coffee mixture but a bit different in a way.

(Photo courtesy by: Brooks Cafe)

How to use Drip Bag Coffee

I prefer the Japanesque Cantafe' because its a creamy coffee but with a touch of green because of the green tea content. It can be served either hot or cold depends on which do you prefer.I love both but it all depends on the weather and my mood :)

Japanesque "The Green Coffee"

To order go here: Brook's Coffee Global Market 

But wait there's more! I have good news for you! 
Brook's café have extended their giveaway coffee samples until May 10, 2012! 
What are you waiting for? Sign up now!