Monday, December 10, 2012

Call Center Work: More Fun in the Philippines

I'm back in the BPO industry again last month, working myself hard like a dog in order to survive the city life. I was born in Manila and grew up here all my life. In my opinion, city life is complicated and fast-paced while in the countryside it's more laid back and a simple life. I love my work right now and I'm enjoying it. 

What is BPO?
BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. Most multinational foreign companies have outsourcing in other countries, mostly are in the third world countries like the Philippines.  Many Filipinos are switching their career into this kind of industry because of financial reasons. Whether you believe it or not, me and my two other sisters are working in a call center but different companies.

So how is it like to work for a BPO or call center company?

1. Multi-Cultural environment – Offshore call centers deal with US-based clients and customers. Since the US is a multi-cultural country, we get calls from diverse backgrounds. Our headquarters is also in the US, so we have officemates of different nationalities. 

2. Night Shift work schedule – The job of a CSR (Customer Service Rep) may require working in the evening, night or “graveyard” and in rotating schedules. We follow US working hours because that’s where the customers are coming from. 

3. Dynamic and fast-paced – Things happen quickly in call centers and CSRs have to learn to work gracefully under pressure. 

4. Performance-driven culture - Call center folks are highly driven and strongly motivated to succeed.

5. Continuous Training - Employees are encourage to learn everything they can during training so they will be prepared to go “live” on the floor. Continuous training help employees move to the next level in their BPO career.

6. Multi-Tasking skills - The skill set requirements for CSRs are quantum leaps away from directory assistance. A CSR engages the caller in a conversation, while at the same time follows a set of protocols to help solve the caller's problem - whether it is for customer service or technical support. This requires analytical and problem solving skills and the ability to multi-task while on a call. 

7. Fun at Work – Call center work is no joke, so we find time to do fun things and exciting activities. 

8. Casual Work Environment – The environment is made comfortable for employees to be able to work efficiently. Our Open-door policy, employee-friendly facilities, casual work clothes, fun and crazy activities make for a relaxing and comfortable environment. 

9. Youthful Environment – Although employees are aged anywhere between 19 and 60, our environment is generally youthful. Employees radiate a fresh and vibrant attitude that’s just full of life! 

10. World-class Customer Service – Customer Service is our bread and butter – we live and breathe it. We give efficient, respectful and value added service to our internal and external customers. Our mantra? “Exceed expectations in every interaction.”


  1. Thank you for the great post. I have a question though: I'm starting up a small business and I am in need of a call center. Is there a specific call center that caters to small businesses?

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