Monday, March 26, 2012

Enercal Plus Adult Milk Sample

Last February 28 I signed up on facebook  regarding the Enercal Plus by Enercal Plus PH  via apps because they were giving away samples of Enercal Plus Adult Milk. Even some of my friends and relatives signed up as well since I told them about it.

The 400grams Enercal Plus Adult Milk (Delicious Vanilla Flavor) was delivered to our doorstep last March 23, 2012 though my friends and relatives got their samples a bit late than I do. I was surprised because I was not expecting that they will give samples as much as 400grams of milk per facebook fan. Enercal Plus PH has 4,995 fans and I am not sure if every fan has signed up for this sampling promo. I tried to check the price of this product in SM Supermarket and it costs P519. Wow! 

I would highly recommend this product to other adults out there because its not just your ordinary milk powder. Its highly packed with vitamins and minerals that our body needs for the required daily requirement.

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