Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dog & Cat Expo 2012

Who's excited to bring along their furry friends in Pet Express' first ever Dog and Cat Expo? We can't wait to see you all on July 28 to 29, 2012  at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia. Lot of freebies also await the guests!

Please see the list below for the lineup of activities during the 2-day expo.  
Check out the activities posted below. You can attend all activities or just drop in whenever you want. See you all at Pet Express Dog and Cat Expo! =)

Schedule of Activities- DAY 1
10:00 AM Open Registration
10:30 AM Opening Remarks
11:00 AM Pedigree Game
1:00 PM Good Boy- “Trivia Tidbits” Game
1:30 PM SAWS- Intro + Game
2:00 PM Royal Canin- Fun Games
2:30 PM PAWS- Intro + Game
3:00 PM ALPO “Bone Apetit”
3:30 PM Friskies “Cats on Purr-ade”
4:00 PM WAHL “Grooming Wizards of Oz”

Schedule of Activities- DAY 2
10:00 AM Open Registration
10:15 AM Opening Remarks
10:30 AM Sunday Pet Brunch Buffet/Games
1:00 PM Good Boy- “Trivia Tidbits” Games
1:30 PM AKF- Intro + Game
2:00 PM I.R.O.- Intro + Game
2:30 PM CARA- Intro + Game + Activities
3:00 PM ALPO “Bone Apetit”
3:30 PM Friskies “Cats on Purr-ade”
4:00 PM Philippine Siberian Husky Club Inc. - Dog Pack Walk (MOA al fresco area)
5:00 PM Carl de Leon Dog Training Exhibition- Sport (Mondio Ring)

About the Activities:

Bone Appetit” by ALPO (DAY 1+2)
Be your dog's sous chef for the day. Participants will be challenged to create a nutritious tasty meal for their dogs using ALPO.

Cats on Purr-ade” by Friskies (DAY 1+2)
Showcase your cat's frisky characteristics on the runway. Participants will be invited to show off their cat's uniqueness be letting them join a parade.

Trivia Tidbits” by Good Boy (DAY 1+2)
Correctly answer trivia questions about dogs and win instant prizes.

Grooming Wizards of Oz” Grooming Exhibition (DAY 1)
Get valuable tips and tricks from our world-class dog grooming gurus. 

Grooming Wizards of Oz
Professional groomers from Australia, Sharon Hall and Deborah Ryan, will talk about their take on the pet grooming industry, international grooming standards, and how to apply and professionalize the grooming industry in the Philippines.

Live Breed Grooming Demo
Grooming Wizards will show the proper way of grooming.

Tools of the Trade
How to use and maximize grooming tools in a professional level. Wahl grooming tools product sampling and tutorial.

Ask the Pros
Question and answer portion.

Dog Pack Walk by Philippines Husky Club Inc.  (DAY 2)
Pack your furry tails and prepare to meet new dogs and fellow dog lovers. All breeds are invited to this dog walking activity in Mall of Asia.

Sunday Brunch Pet Buffet (DAY 2)
Greet the day with a smorgasboard of flavors for every breed. Pet food and treats.

Dog Training Exhibition - Sport (DAY 2)
Training exhibition by renowned dog trainer, Carl de Leon, on Dog Sport Training (Mondio Ring).

Spotted Dog Public Art Installation (DAY 1 & 2)
Grab a spot in the giant canine canvas and be a part of this public art installation. The expo participant gets to stick a spot on the dog. All expo attendees get to contribute to art and to a worthy cause (proceeds go to PAWS). The entire creative process will be documented in time-lapse photography. Time-lapse video will be uploaded on the Pet Express website for viewing. Prizes will be raffled off every hour, for those who stuck a spot on Spot! ;)

The entrance for the event is absolutlely free but there will be registration on the site and you can also pre-register online ahead of time thorugh this link

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