Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Silka: What's Your Skin Type?

I received an email a few days ago about SILKA PROMO NOTIFICATION.  
I was surprised and happy when I read it because I was not expecting that I will win in the raffle contest after answering their What's Your Skin Type Quiz in Silka's facebook fan page. 
I didn't purchase anything to enter the raffle promo.

I like joining online raffle and competition except those whom are using Rafflecopter. 
For some reaons, I hate using Rafflecopter and I don't like to going back into it eveyday just to earn points. I like the Submit and forget process. That makes me win more. 
Great things come when you least expect it :)

I won P1,000.00 money plus a Silka gift pack. Wow!
There were other winners as well of the raffle promo and I am just one of them. 
My friends said that I'm really lucky when it comes to winning raffle and promo contests. 
I think they're right because ever since I was a kid, most of the time I win but there are also other times I don't win.  That's fine so that I can give chance to others. It's not nice to be selfish, right? A week ago, I claimed my other prizes: a new HTC Desire C phone from HTC Philippines and an original DVD of The Vow Movie from

Here's the picture of what I've got from my Silka Gift Pack: 

2 Silka Papaya Soaps
1 Silka Facial Cleanser
1 Silka Citrus Skin Energizer
1 Silka Papaya Whitening Pearl Cream
1 Silka Papaya Whitening Roll-on Deodorant

1 Silka Papaya Premium Whitening Body Wash

1 Silka Papaya Whitening Lotion with SPF6
1 Juicy Cologne
1 Define Styling Gel

1 Protect Hand Sanitizer Gel 

Thank you so much Silka! :)

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