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Gandang Ricky Reyes Salon: Bloggers Spa Party

Last July 9 morning, I joined the other bloggers for the spa party at Gandang Ricky Reyes Salon. We were a total of 14 bloggers whom were there, a mixed of guys and girls. We were given a makeover, yours truly by Mother Ricky Reyes.

Going to the GRR (Gandang Ricky Reyes) Salon was not a hassle to me since it is situated along Aurora Boulevard in San Juan and near the J. Ruiz LRT 2 Station. I think this branch is the flagship salon of Ricky Reyes though I am not sure but most of his salons are inside the malls and not as big as this one.

GRR Salon offers a lot of to offer from beauty services and beauty products for your hair, facial, manicure & pedicure and some spa services. GRR Salon has this tagline "Gandang Salon."

The event was hosted by the salon owner himself, Ricky Reyes and Rachel Alejandro, co-owner of Sexy Chef Catering. GRR has partnered with Sexy Chef Catering for everybody's special occassion needs -  a spa party or sparty for short. You can have your sparty at the GRR Salon and have a great food in the same time from Sexy Chef Catering. Whether its a get-together party, despedida party, office party, shower party or family party. 

I have heard very much of the Sexy Chef while I was still living in Makati 6 years ago. 
Rachel Alejandro is really sexy personally so the name fits for her ;)
The Sexy Chef has a wide variety of food and diet programs that anybody can choose from such as:
  • Cohen
  • Back to Balance
  • Eat Clean Detox Plan
  • Fat Burn
  • Bridal Packages
  • Anti-Plateau Diet
  • HCG
  • Body After Baby
  • Health for Two
  • Sugar Buster
  • Pounds Away
  • South Beach
After the talk and introduction from the hosts, the makeover  has started. They check first the condition of our scalp with a scanner if its scaly, dull, or falling hair so that they can advice us whats the proper treatment for our hair. They also check our skin type of our face, they told me that I have blackheads as being shown to me and the other bloggers on their computer. Mother Ricky advise that I should get highlights and hair booster treatment for my hair, facial spa and haircut. 
We headed into the shampoo area wherein every blogger's hair was washed before anything else then blowdried. Some bloggers got highlights like me, some don't to those who has colored hair already. I like the ambiance of GRR Salon. Its very elegant and modern. 
I feel like I'm a princess treated for a day while I was there during the makeover. 
Shampoo Area
Foot Spa Area

We were also treated to a healthy lunch courtesy of the Sexy Chef. The food looks so good and tempting for everyone's eyes but the Sexy Chef noted that the food they cooked and served are usually healthy - high fiber and low in calories so you don't need to suffer even if you're on a diet and trying to lose weight.

These are just the appetizers and dessert. Now let me show you the main course. 
They don't just look good, it tastes really good too :)
Jap Chae (Stir-Fried Korean Noodles)
Miso Marinated Fish Kebab
Vegetable Crudite with Cashew Cheese Dip
Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
I really enjoyed the food that I want the Sexy Chef to be my caterer on my wedding day and other events.  After my highlights and lunch, the salon staff gave me a dry back massage then next was my Facial Spa. She was very good in doing it and has made me relaxed, I fell asleep while she was doing facial on me. (Sorry I forgot her name).
Facial Spa Area
When I woke up (I don't know how long I was sleeping), the salon girl fixed my hair so she washed it again then blowdried. My hair has streaks of highlights which was nice and not disturbing. Ricky Reyes cut my hair afterwards.  The result? you'll be the judge.
Ricky Reyes is like my fairy godmother!  :)

I'm very happy and satisfied after the makeover. My face has become 20% lighter than and my hair has no fly-away like before. When my friends saw me, they were surprised and they said that my face looks radiant and glowing.  I will definitely go back and recommend GRR Salon to my friends.

I also got to chance to take home some of  Ricky Reyes products like Energizing Malunggay Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-On Hair Conditioner Spray then some IDC beauty products from Canada like IDC Hydra Seal Mositurizer (cream jar) and IDC Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Serum (bottle)

The event was pre-recorded and aired on TV this morning at Life & Style with Ricky Reyes on QTV11. Too bad I wasn't able to watch it since I woke up late because of the cold weather and typhoon though some friends has watched it. Thank you Sexy Chef for the hearty lunch during the sparty. Thank you very much Ricky Reyes for my makeover :)

Gandang Ricky Reyes Salon
Address: 172 Aurora Boulevard, San Juan 
Phone number: 725-4959

The Sexy Chef Catering
Phone numbers: 721-8881 / 721-7399

IDC Skin Care Products 
(Integral Dermo Correction- Canada)

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