Monday, June 4, 2012

Serenitea Sunday

I love Serenitea, usually I visit their Robinson's Place branch but it's always crowded with their customers.  This is my first time to go at Serenitea in their branch at Scout Rallos near Tomas Morato.  It was recommended to me by my sister Sophia :)

Serenitea Tomas Morato

Me and my boyfriend arrived at exactly 11AM, which is just about their opening time 
(yey! I was the one who opened it up for that day, buena mano as we call in Filipino)

Serenitea OPEN sign

My bf - Alfred

I like Serenitea because as their tag line goes, it's not your ordinary cup of tea as you have the option on how you can customize your teas.  

not your ordinary cup of tea
Customize your tea

You can choose from their tea selection, you can choose your sugar level (or no sugar at all), and last but not the least choose your sinkers.
Besides the teas, they also serve snacks such as hashbrown, pepper corn, pepper tofu, potato round, chicken chop, and mochi buns.  

Catherine (myself)

I was still full at that time so I really just went there to buy refreshments. 
I will probably order I ordered Green Apple Yakult w/ Crystal and aloe vera sinkers.
This is the flavor me and my bestfriend are addicted to and since I am a lactose intolerant person, this tea fits me (Yakult is the only milk that my tummy can tolerate). That is also one thing i loved about Serenitea, because not all milk tea houses offer yakult-based teas.
The counter had my sinkers wrong she had put pearls instead of crytals, but had replaced it as per my request without any problem.

Green Apple Yakult w/ Crystal and aloe vera sinkers
I love the interior design of the place as it feels so cozy.  It is as also well-lighted and well-ventilated. In one word, the place is serene (calm, peaceful, or tranquil) which matches the name of the store - Serenitea.

Serenitea interiors

lighting decors

corner table and chairs

Serenitea Scout Rallos is open on Mondays to Thursdays from 11AM-11PM 
and on Fridays to Sundays 11AM-12AM.

Serenitea Store Hours

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