Sunday, June 24, 2012

Get The Things You Want For FREE

The best things in the world are FREE

This is my concept and you don't need to spend too much money to achieve it. I want to share to everyone how to get the things that you want (which are almost for free) and in the same time to save more money.

Some people say that everything has a price to pay. Look at the brighter side. 
The air you breathe, the sun that gives Vitamin K and light during the day, the moon that gives light during night time, the bodies of water like oceans and seas... those are FREE, right? Lets be thankful and not abuse the gifts of nature to us. 

Look for freebies or product samples.  You can get different product samples on the streets, groceries, shopping malls, trade fairs and even online. (US and UK residents, worlwide available). 


Download e-books and e-magazines of your favorite genre.  You don't need to buy a book or magazine because you can also get it for free. I have downloaded some e-books including the Twilight novel series.  For free e-magazine subscriptions, visit:

Send e-cards during special occassions. You can customize it according to your recipient's occassion(brithday, wedding, get well, etc.), attitude and taste. It's free, fast and easy. There's a lot of e-card sites now over the internet. Go get it. 

Join raffle contests.  There are some raffle contests that may require some purchase requirements but these are minimal amount only. I have been lucky and won so many times since I was a kid. I have won some gift certificates for groceries, shopping, dining and even 5star hotel accomodations! These days, online raffle and competitions are in! 

I also have won some cinema passes, even some appliances like turbo broiler, TV and some gadgets like cellphone and an mp3 player. Some pre-launch websites also conduct electronic raffle and I also have won.  Some raffle contests don't need to buy anything to enter the raffle so go ahead and try your luck, there's no harm in trying.

Swap your unwanted item/s. On some online auction sites like eBay, you can see people who would like to swap their unwanted item/s with other's unwanted item/s. If you want your unwanted item for an upgrade, you may add some cash (depending on the person's advertisement on his/her item/s).

Drop your business card and get a free meal.  Some fastfoods or restaurants have a small glass bowl near the cashier, filled with business cards. Every month, they make a raffle and pick a lucky winner. So the next time you go to a fastfood/restaurant, roam your eyes around the cashier's counter and if you see a glass bowl, drop your business card and get a free meal.

Free gourmet food for couples.  If you are marriage-minded couples, there are a lot of caterers that offer free gourmet food tasting for soon-to-wed couples. So go ahead and satisfy your palette.
Make a wishlist and share it to your friends. You will be surprised on your birthday that one of your friends will be giving one of the things that you want to have (if its not too expensive, don't ask for house and lot, etc.)

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