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Balitaan sa Tinapayan: June 3, 2012

Topics of the day
- School opening June 4, 2012
- Obesity on students
- Ban smoking and  soda drinks in schools
- Health in Southeast Asia
- K12 Program 

It was my 4th time to attend the Balitaan sa Tinapayan earlier today. Most of the time, the topics are socio-political issues though earlier today the topic was mixed with lifestyle diseases awareness which is good since I am also blogging about health and wellness. 

The guest speakers were Dr. Anthony Leachon, M.D., Internal Medicine -Cardiology of Manila Doctors' Hospital and Benjo Basas, National Chairperson  of Teacher's Dignity Coalition (TDC) 

According to Dr. Anthony Leachon, M.D:  

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has implemented smoke-free schools in New York City. 
He is now working on to ban 16oz. soda drinks which causes obesity on students. 
Many people die because of  lifestyle diseases or non-communicable diseases like:
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiac Arrest
Dr. Anthony Leachon, M.D
Diabetes is increasingly common (some authorities claim it is the fastest-growing “epidemic” worldwide, making serious inroads in developing countries) but it doesn't need not be debilitating. 

“People are dying quietly due to NCDs,” remarked Leachon. While these diseases—heart ailments and strokes, diabetes, cancer, and chronic lung illness—are most often described as “lifestyle” diseases ascribed to lack of exercise, a diet rich in fats and sugar, and bad habits like smoking, the reality is “NCD death rates are highest among poor countries in Asia,” he said. 
  • 2. 5 million cases of non-communicable diseases in Asia by 2005
  • 300,000 death caused by non-communicable diseases
  • more cases in poor countries like Philippines, Malaysia,Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
  • 15 years old to 59 years old Filipino citizens are dying because of non-communicable diseases and makes lower life expectancy due to lifestyle.
  • Philippines will be #9 in 2030 with most number of Diabetics in Asia

Causes of Non-Communicable Diseases:
  • tobacco smoking
  • no exercise
  • unhealthy diet
  • poverty
Non-Communicable Diseases is a poverty disease, why?   
Poverty is one of the causes of non-communicable diseases and because of poverty the people will have: 
  • no access to prevention
  • no access to treatment
  • higher risk of non-communicable diseases
  • higher morality
2 Reasons why we fail:
  1. Ignorance and lack of education
  2. Ineptitude (knowledge exists yet fail to apply correctly) 
Last May 26, I attended the Diabetes Awareness and you might be interested to read about it for more details regarding Diabetes. 
Speakers: Benjo Basas and Dr. Anthony Leachon, M.D

Benjo Basas tackled the Mass Intention earlier today around 9am at Caloocan City. 
TDC Teachers' Prayers for SY 2012-2013
  1. Enough funds for K12 Program or postponement of its implementation.
  2. p3,000 additional COLA (Cost of Living Allowance)
  3. Upgrading of teachers' salaries thru the enactment of p9,000 increase (Additional Support and Compensation for Teachers Bill)
  4. Repeal of Compulsory Poll Duties of teachers.
  5. Provision of Socialized Housing and other benefits for teachers.
  6. More funds to Kindergarten program with just and compensation to Kinder teachers.
  7. End of contractualization of teachers both in public and private schools.
  8. Successful school year for the Filipino children, teachers and the entire nation.
Sophia Cabantog

Balitaan sa Tinapayan is a weekly news media forum held every Sunday at the 2nd floor of Tinapayan Festival Bakeshop coordinated by Lito Laparan and forum host Ricky Velasco of DZMM. 

This socio-political event is sponsored by: Tinapayan Festival Bakeshoppe

Tinapayan Festival Bakeshoppe
1650 Dapitan Street corner Don Quijote Streets, Sampaloc, Manila

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