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Tutuban's Back-To-School Shopping Challenge

The Tutuban Commercial Center is a shopping haven for bargain hunters. It’s the place of bustling trade where shoppers are splurging to different merchandise and novelty items form sun rise to midnight, 365 days a year. It offers wide variety of merchandise and services that gives best value for your money. 

Tutuban Center
I am one of five bloggers whom were invited and selected for Tutuban's Back-To-School Shopping Challenge last May 28 Monday 3pm at the Tutuban Commercial Center in Divisoria. I was lucky to have my younger sister to come with me, she didn't have work duty that day since it was Memorial Day in the US.  She was my photographer for the day :)

The blogger activity was organized by Mr. Joel Navarro, the Advertising & Public Relations officer of Tutuban Center. We were given a reusable shopping bag and a budget of P1,000 that we used to purchase school supplies within Tutuban Commercial Center. That means, we cannot buy anything outside the establishment. 

P1,000  shopping money
Tutuban Reusable Shopping Bag

We passed through different stalls in the mall selling different kind of things for school like shoes, school bags, school uniforms, and school supplies. 

School Bags
School Uniform

This shopping experience was really challenging for me, why?
Nobody in our family goes to school anymore, my youngest sister just graduated last month from college but I know I can buy school supplies that I can use daily. The other bloggers are married and has kids except for me so that's why its a challenge for me.

We went to the other building of Tutuban Center where the bookstores like National Bookstore and Papermart are located. We tried to check first which one of the bookstores were cheaper. We decided to buy the school supplies at the Papermart instead.

Papermart Store
While we were busy shopping for the school supplies, my sister and MJ from the PR department of Tutuban Center were also taking pictures of me and the other bloggers.  

Sophia and Catherine of  Frugal Filipina Girls

Sophia (me) of  Frugal Filipina Girls
Michelle of r0ckstarm0mma


Left: Bam of Unasalahat
Right: Ness of Sayitnessie
Yani of Yaniconquistadora
We finished shopping around 4:30pm and most of us have bought a lot of stuffs though I am the least since I don't have a school kid yet which is understandable. I wasn't able to spend all the P1,000 but that was okay as the Advertising & Public Relations officer told us. 
I was able to spend P602.00 only with my purchases. Lets see what's in my shopping bag and what I bought with the PHP1,000 shopping money.

After shopping

1  small white board with white board marker and eraser- P110.00
1  small half white board and half cork board with push pins - P71.50
 (One for me and for my sister which can be use either at home or at the office)

1 short plastic envelope with brown envelope - P9.00
2 pcs. red plastic multi-purpose envelope - P21.50 (P11.25 each)

1 crayon case  - P14.00
1 ATM card holder - P15.00

1 small no.10 stapler - P63.00
1 set of push pins - P11.50
1 Hello Kitty multi-purpose pouch - P65.00
1 pencil sharpener - P19.75
1 Elmer's Glue - P25.00
1 scotch tape -P18.50
1 packaging tape - P26.00

1 Merit Math notebook -P10.75
2 pcs. Merit pocket notebook -P16.00 (P8.00 each)
1 Hello Kitty Steno notebook -P17.00
3 pcs. My-Gel Dong-A sign pen - P53.25 (P17.75 each)
2 pcs.  pencil eraser -P8.00 (P4.00 each)

3 pcs. all purpose rag - 3 for P5.00
2 pcs. pocket tissue paper (YAHOO!)  - P6.00 (P3.00 each)

The bloggers' shopping challenge was a nice experience for me and my sister. Its still cheap to shop at Tutuban Center rather than on the sidewalks of Divisoria. Its not that crowded inside the mall and it has airconditioning. You can still haggle (tawad) while shopping, you just need the skill for that. After our shopping, we felt a bit tired and we were treated for snacks by the Advertising & Public Relations officer at the Goldilocks Tutuban.

Myself @goldilocks

Pansit Malabon, Egg Pie and Sago't Gulaman

Special Halo-Halo
Halayang Ube and Leche Flan
Nowadays, shopping can be more fun if you can enjoy free Wi-Fi. 
It is available at the Wi-Fi Lounge of Tutuban Center. What else can you ask for more?

Tutuban Center currently have an on-going Back 2 School Sale mallwide which is up to 50% off on selected items. Please refer to the poster below for more details.  


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