Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sleeping Posture

Sleeping posture or the way you sleep reveals some of your hidden personality.  
So how do you sleep?

The sleeping personality is true as the way I sleep is very related to me which is the back sleeper with arms and legs spread out. Remember, I love comfort but I'm frugal ;)

I haven't seen anyone sleeping with legs crossed but who knows? 
Maybe one of your friends?

My father sleeps with arms crossed to support the head. He thinks out of the box and a good family provider. Makes sense right?!

When I was a kid, I used to sleep like this but not anymore. 
If you're a tummy sleeper, its about time to change your sleeping posture.

I also sleep like this, I turn into my right side from time to time while sleeping but I sleep on my back with legs spread out when I go to sleep but usually when I woke up I am on this kind of position.

If you know a selfish person, try to ask how he/she sleeps at night.

Side sleeper lying on one arm, is that you? It isn't bad at all ;)

My sister sleeps like the side sleeper with one knee bended. 
She's fussy especially when it comes to shopping and always complains of small things.

I don't know anyone who sleeps like this but it says those persons are lonely and depressed. Maybe those are the ones whom has chosen to be single forever.

The last but not the least. My bestfriend's husband usually wakes up late (when we used to share the apartment and there are times he sleeps on the couch) and I saw him a couple of times sleeping like this. Its true that he wants to display himself as macho but he's really a shy person and will not ask questions even if he is lost.


  1. I got confused coz I'm an active sleeper... meaning I move around all the time... but my mom said she usually see me lying on my back with arms and legs spread out... if that's the case... its kinda true coz im frugal too LOL

  2. I'm also an active sleeper, I move while sleeping from time to time. From lying on my back with arms and legs spread out to side sleeper lying on one side. If you don't move while sleeping, you'll get a stiff neck or something the next day.

  3. I have different sleeping positions...maybe it depends on how I feel. Thanks for I know what these sleeping position mean. - Karen

  4. I am side sleeper.. but the description doesn't say it's me.