Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All aBoard Free Game Day

Welcome to Gaming Library where fun and learning combine!

Gaming Library, together with the Open Gaming Meet Group and Robinson’s Galleria, our partner venue, presents “All aBOARD”, a day of fun, laughter and bonding for friends and families through designer board games for FREE!

Why Come to All aBOARD?

1. It will surely be a good way to have a fun afternoon. Bond and socialize with your family and friends!
     Board games have been proven to be able to foster an environment for family and friends to enjoy each other's company. Share laughs and unforgettable memories that you will remember and tell stories about the day you played our party games =D
     Outwit your opponent in our various strategy games! Build economic engines and blaze your way to victory. 
     Re-live history and learn what happened and why it happened in our historical-themed board games featuring Twilight Struggle (the #1 ranked board game in the world)!

2. Add a new experience
     Have you ever found yourself tired from doing the same things over and over again in the Metro? Why not try out a new activity? All participants of our past events greatly enjoyed their time. In fact, almost all are now becoming regulars and are spending the whole day instead of 1-2 hours when they first tried playing.

All Pictures can be seen on their facebook fan page: Gaming.Library
You can also visit their site www.gaminglib.com

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