Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Day of Korean Culture, Food and Film

Yesterday was such a fun-filled day, a different experience indeed- a day of Korean culture, food and film. Two relevant Korean events in just one day, Chef's Noodle Grand Launch in the morning then Korean Film Festival Opening Night :)

I'm a Chef's Noodle Fan!

Chef's Noodle Grand Launch was flocked with fans (customers), media people both from traditional and online media, celebrities and even the guys behind the successful franchise company that flew from Korea! 

The program started with the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Chef's Noodle Phils franchise owner, Chef's Noodle Korean owner, Celebrity Chef Choi In Sun and the celebrities - Grace Lee and the Semerad Twins.
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Korean visitors - the Korean owner of Chef's Noodle and Celebrity Chef Choi In Sun being interviewed by GMA News.

The Semerad Twins - Anthony and David. 
OMG! They are so tall!  
Their height?!  6'5"

The Semerad Twins had a Demigod tattoo on their pelvic area, both of them have it and I wonder if they really consider themselves as a Demigod?!

Demigod - a mythological figure of a half God and a half human.

Chef's Noodle Philippines Endorser Ms. Grace Lee with the Korean owner and Celebrity Chef Choi In Sun

The very important persons of the event sitting at the press conference table. 

Autograph signing of the celebrities on the t-shirts given to the attendees of the event.

Time for a Korean lunch!

Everyone had a satisfying lunch!
Thank you Chef's Noodle Philippines and Korea :)

Late in the afternoon when we headed into the Korean Film Festival Opening Night held at the Cinema 4 of SM Megamall. I started attending the film festival since 2009 so I am an avid fan of Korean films as well! Since it was still early and not yet too crowdy, I had the chance to get my photo ops of the event at their photo booth :)

Things get a little hot after 30 minutes as the invited guests and media were also coming up in the event.

The ambassador and other people from the Korean Embassy were also present in the opening night. 

A dinner of Korean and Filipino dishes were served before the film screening.

A long queue for dinner and the photo booth! 
Can you spot me in the crowd?! ;)

Leaflets of the Korean Film Festival with the schedule and film synopses. 
Jeon Woo Chi was the Korean film screened during the opening night around 7:15pm and it was a 2-hour movie!  I really like the film since its a drama/comedy-fantasy genre that even other film buffs and K-Pop fans enjoyed it watching too!

It was a long day of Korean culture but it was all worthwhile and fun :)
I look forward into the Korean Film Festival next year! 
Kamsa hamnida! 

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