Friday, September 14, 2012

Korean Film Festival underscores family time

Drawing in from the interest of the Filipinos in Korean popular culture, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea will be highlighting the importance of family time in the upcoming Korean Film Festival on September 18 to October 7.

The Manila leg is scheduled on September 18 to 23 at SM Megamall, and will head to SM City Baguio on September 26 to 30. SM City Cebu, on the other hand, will be hosting the Visayan leg on October 3 to 7.

The Korean Film Festival, now on its fourth year, will be spearheaded by the Korean Cultural Center and will be featuring seven family-themed top-grossing films.
The films to be screened are Jeon Woo Chi (전우치), Spellbound (오싹한연애), Bunt (날아라 허동구), A Barefoot Dream (맨발의 꿈), Late Blossom (그대를 사랑합니다), Arahan (아라한 장풍 대작전) and Highway Star (복면달호).

In Ho Hwang, the director of ‘Spellbound’ will be flying in the Philippines to talk about the contemporary Korean film on the Hallyu Forum on September 14. His film is an unusual mix of horror and romance, and focuses on the love story between road magician Jo-goo and the muse for his overnight success, Yu-ri. Yu-ri is haunted by ghosts and Jo-goo, who falls in love with her, has to rise above his fears to save the two of them.

On the other hand, the film ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ tells the story of the eponymous playful apprentice who gets imprisoned in a scroll, having been wrongfully accused for murder. He gets freed 500 years later as a last resort to bring back the order into the world.
‘Bunt’ deals with the mentally-challenged Dong-ku who suddenly finds himself without ‘use’ upon the arrival of water purifiers. In an attempt to use his only capabilty, Dong-ku finds himself joining the baseball team.

The sports drama ‘A Barefoot Dream’ is a story of a former soccer prospect who heads to his dreams, the International Youth Soccer Championship, albeit with numerous almost-failures of detours.

Also in the list is the drama ‘Late Blossom,’ a heartwarming film on the lives of the two couples living not far apart from each other. It follows the two couples’ respective struggles on life and love.

‘Arahan’ follows the story of the honest yet clumsy rookie policeman Sang-hwan and the martial arts specialist Eui Jin. Together they fight the evil Heuk-woon whose greed wreaks havoc to mankind.

Capping off the list is the musical-comedy ‘Highway Star’ which tells the story of Dal-Ho and his dream. Dal-Ho wants to become a famous rock singer, but was forced to play trot to make ends meet. He later gets the chance to release an album but belatedly realized that he has to sing trot instead of rock n’ roll. His shame drives him to hide his face but his voice and his mysteriousness catapult him to unprecedented success.

Admission is free and is on a first-come, first-served basis

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