Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chef's Noodle Philippines: Korean Feast For Less

Chef's Noodle has arrived in the Philippines! 
They have invited some food bloggers lately at their barely new restaurant. The restaurant is actually a Master Franchise by Simisim Group of Companies in the Philippines, which assures that quality of its brand. Chef's Noodle is a fast-casual dining Korean fusion restaurant.

Everyone of us had to choose our own dish. While we were waiting for our ordered food, our drinks have been served to us since the expected cooking time is about 15-20 minutes. 
I ordered for Strawberry Iced Tea (P35 Regular; P55 Refillable) while a fellow blogger asked for the Lemon Iced Tea (P35 Regular; P55 Refillable).

Now are you interested for a sampling? 
Here’s a peek at Chef’s Noodles yummy dishes: Kimbap (P95) is the Korean version of Sushi. Nori-wrapped rice rolls with korean ham, radish, cucumber and egg. This is perfect for a quick lunch or snack for people on the go. I have shared it with other bloggers.

The Masterpiece Chef's Noodle (P150) is the restaurant’s signature dish that's a delightful savory concoction of noodles with a variety of toppings like tamago, bean sprouts, fried tofu, jun-ya, kutchai, and choice of seafood or beef broth. It is created by South Korea's Celebrity Chef - Choi In Sun. This is one of their bestsellers that you will get to share with your family and friends. It is spicy but tolerable.

Spicy Ddukbokki (P150) is a spicy rice cake seasoned with various fruit juices topped with halved hardboiled egg and sesame seeds. This was the featured dish at the Ddukbokki Eating Challenge lately. The pungent color of chili makes me scared to try this dish.

Donkas (P130) is a breaded Pork fillet with a special blend of sweet and tangy sauce. The counterpart of Japan's Pork Tonkatsu.

Japchae (P130) is a traditional Korean glass noodle dish stir fried with beef and vegetables.

Bibim Noodle (P130) is a Korean cold noodle topped with egg roll, bean sprouts, bulgogi and mixed with Chef’s Noodle’s version of sweet and spicy Bibim Sauce. I will definitely eat this again when I come back soon.

Leek Shrimp Twigim (P99) Deep fried leeks and shrimp cooked with a hint of curry powder and dip into tempura sauce. The Korean counterpart of our own Okoy. This is one of my favorites.

Wanja Steak Jun (P175)  is a deep fried beef steak pancake topped with a special sauce, cheese, sesame seeds and egg. Served on a medium wooden basket. I love this dish because the big beef patty was made with real beef and really savory.

The Starking Fire Sushi (P160) is the restaurant's famous dish wherein the rice is topped with thinly sliced Australian Beef torched in front of us and served with soy and wasabi. Watch the video below for yourself and be startled.

I also got the chance to taste their Korean Coffee while having meals. If Chinese people drink tea during or after meals, Koreans drink coffee. You'll get a free cup of coffee when you spend at least P100 worth of food purchase.  Their coffee is far more better than the instant coffee mix because it has a great aroma and the coffee has been granulized, not powdered.

It’s also worth that Chef’s Noodle doesn’t just offer delectable dishes that have a unique twist, it also makes sure that it keeps prices affordable so that more people can enjoy awesome Korean food. Perfect for students on a budget to families, and basically just anyone who’s in the mood for a hearty, delicious meal.

Ensuring that each visit is going to be a delightful experience for diners, Chef’s Noodle’s courteous staff will easily make everyone feel at home, which is complimented with a relaxed ambiance. 

Chef's Noodle 
2/F University Mall, Taft Avenue, Malate, 
Manila, Philippines
Telephone No: (02) 405-0129

facebook page: chefsnoodlephils

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