Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mang Binatog: All Time Filipino Snack

Binatog is an all-time favorite Filipino snack made from white corn kernels, grated coconut, sugar and salt to taste. Usually it's being sold by vendors on the streets but not anymore. 
In the modern times, Binatog has leveled-up and made its way to be recognized by the shoppers in the shopping malls. My sister Cathy and me were about to watch a movie last Saturday in SM City Manila when suddenly I spotted a new food kiosk - Mang Binatog (Ang Pambansang Mais). 

I asked my sister to stop by for a short while to buy Binatog for us since its been a long while that I didn't eat that snack. I think the last time was 2 years ago while I was in Cartimar (Pasay) while buying some cat food supply. Mang Binatog's isn't your ordinary tasting Binatog. Why?

You can customize the taste of your Binatog with your preferred sweetness by adding some sugar or condensed milk or even saltiness by dashing some salt.

Vendors of Binatog on the streets served it without condensed milk and they will just try to put a specific amount of sugar and salt. Off you go.

Mang Binatog is really affordable, yummy and healthy too!
They have 3 different cup sizes that will suit your budget and appetite. (On the photo shown, that is the medium cup that we bought and shared.)

Small cup (1 person) - P15
Medium cup (1-2 persons) - P20
Large cup (1-2 persons) - P25

Mang Binatog (Ang Pambansang Mais) is located near the escalator on the 3rd floor of SM City Manila. Go check it out ;)

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