Thursday, August 30, 2012

BRAND'S® InnerShine® Berry Essence: Now with seven berries!

BRAND'S® InnerShine® Berry Essence is a delicious fruit-based, ready-to-drink essence with extraordinary health benefits. Clearer, sharper vision. Age-defying, healthier-looking skin. Better protection from free radical damage.  This isn't a list of some superhero's extraordinary powers. It's only a sampling of the many health benefits that come with every bottle of the new InnerShine® Berry Essence (IBE).

Made by BRAND'S®, a company with a pioneering presence in the health and wellness industry for the last 170 years, InnerShine® Berry Essence is a delicious fruit-based, ready-to-drink essence that serves as a natural source of vital nutrients and powerful antioxidants. It contains the goodness of seven premium types of berries from Europe and the U.S.—acai berry, bilberry, blackcurrant, chokeberry, cranberry, elderberry, and strawberry—combined to form an exclusive "super berry" blend, providing health, nourishment, and protection in ways that no other fruit-based drinks can.

IBE’s Seven Super Berries
The seven super berries make every bottle of InnerShine® Berry Essence the perfect nutritional drink in today's increasingly stressful modern environment. As you carry out a very hectic and stress-filled work day facing the computer for long hours, exposure to many types of environmental pollution, spending late nights at work, and other situations that may create problems for both your skin and eyes, IBE works to deliver special benefits that promote supple and smooth skin and clearer and healthier vision. The berries, in fact, each have rich antioxidant qualities that help protect the skin and eyes from free radical damage, such as that caused by UV radiation, environmental pollution, and heavy visual workload.

Apart from shielding the eye cells, which make up the human body's most delicate and sensitive sense organs, BRAND'S® InnerShine® Berry Essence also packs vital nutrients that help improve overall health as well as support one's ability to have a beautiful, well-nourished body. The exotic acai berry has been heralded for centuries for the many benefits it brings to the body. Not only is it extremely high in anthocyanins, it has powerful antioxidants that help defend the body against life’s stressors.

The rare bilberry fruit from northern Europe, just like the acai berry, is also rich in anthocyanins to strengthen and protect the eyes’ blood vessels and help lessen eye fatigue, while the blackcurrant further enhances eye health with its unique ability to synthesize a biological pigment called rhodopsin (or "visual purple") that enables vision in low-light conditions.

Filtering intense sunlight and providing increased protection from constant exposure to UV radiation is the role of the chokeberry, a shrub fruit native to eastern North America. Thanks to its high levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids, chokeberry is also known as a dietary deterrent against diseases caused by oxidative stress.

Cranberry, on the other hand, is a nourishing fruit with a balanced profile of Vitamin C, dietary fiber, manganese, and essential phytonutrients. They are known to help protect the body from free radical damage, optimize urinary tract health and provide important anti-inflammatory benefits. Also with similar health-boosting capacities is the elderberry, which helps boost the immune system by driving the production of cytokines, the cell-signaling proteins used to regulate immune response. 

Rounding out the IBE's set of seven super berries is the sweet, bright red strawberry. Like the cranberry and elderberry, it packs Vitamin C, dietary fiber, and phytonutrients. Strawberries have also recently been linked to the prevention of heart disease and diabetes, while stimulating proteins with antioxidant qualities.

Specially formulated with these seven super berries, BRAND'S® delicious new InnerShine® Berry Essence indeed packs a healthy punch. A chilled bottle a day of IBE not only serves to build a strong foundation for a lifestyle of health and wellness; it also brings the thought of having extraordinary powers closer than we can ever imagine.

Experience the “berry” goodness with a cool twist – chilled!What’s more, InnerShine® Berry Essence is sheer delight to the taste buds. Savour this fruity berry blend on its own – it is delicious chilled – or add it to clear soda water for that extra zing.

Best served chilled.
Recommended for daily consumption.
Suitable for vegetarian.

Available at Watsons, Landmark supermarkets, and Mercury Drug stores in the Greater Manila area at an SRP of P85 per bottle, BRAND'S® IBE is also fortified with Vitamins A, C, E, and zinc. It contains no added artificial colorings or preservatives, and bursts with an irresistible all-natural taste that also remains unrivaled by regular diet drinks and artificial supplements.

Mañosa Properties: Luxury and Green Architecture

Drawing from an inexhaustible reserve of Filipino-inspired motifs, Mañosa Properties Inc. is destined to top its previous residential creations, as it sets to unveil what is without doubt its most exclusive townhouse development—Ylang Lane in New Manila

Luxurious Philippine indigenous material interiors evoking the breezy open spaces and tranquility of the finest resorts characterize all seven duplexes and single detached units of Ylang Lane. Each unit rises four story-high with a grand penthouse, and is surrounded by lush vegetation in a marriage of breathtaking beauty and practicality that can only come from the hands of internationally acclaimed Architect Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa
Ylang Lane, as the senior Mañosa admits, is a distillation of his design philosophy that he has nurtured for more than 35 years. His dedication to capture the Filipino spirit in elevated structures and apply innovative “green” architecture is manifested in Ylang Lane’s indigenous landscaping, water conservation features, and energy-saving spaces that let in abundant natural lighting and ventilation. 
Architect Bobby Mañosa (center), Group Chairman, lead the ceremonial laying of the time capsule of Mañosa Properties’ newest project, Ylang Lane, with sons Architect Angelo Mañosa (left), CEO of Mañosa and Company; and Dino Mañosa, (right) CEO of Mañosa Properties, Inc.

Creating only seven units allows Mañosa Properties to cater only to a premium market, one that would readily pay a premium price per unit, for the chance to live with that rarefied mixture of exclusivity, sustainability, and even history, since only a select few will get bragging rights for owning a product of a world-renowned architect. 
Indeed, the limited number of units has helped Mañosa pour all his talents into and elevate these from luxurious homes to genuine works of art. Every facet of its 350-square meter floor area is a celebration of Filipino innovation, best captured by his design philosophy of “contemporary Filipino green architecture”. 

The Mañosa Property group during the ceremonial ground breaking. From left to right: JM Palomares, Property Manager; Lisette Mangonon, Sales and Marketing Director; Mar Corpus, CFO; Rony Mayor, COO; Arch Bobby Mañosa, Engr. Gomer Magno, Director for Construction and Dino Mañosa, President and CEO

An exclusive enclave centrally located at the heart of New Manila, Ylang Lane has a wide interior road and open area with generous cuts allowing each unit to have their own garden. Each unit has a 3-car garage and is topped by its own penthouse with rooftop garden entertainment area. Among its “green” features is a rainwater harvester that can collect for landscape maintenance, car wash, and other household functions.  Lastly, one of the project’s highlights is its security, where it is of utmost importance.  Centralized CCTV and roving security are some of the features of the security system in Ylang Lane. 
Ylang Lane is the pilot project of BERDE for horizontal town house development by the Philippine Green Building Council (PhilGBC), whose one of its founding members is the young Mañosa architect, Architect Gelo Mañosa, an advocate of Green Architecture himself. With its wide open spaces, lush landscaping, natural sources of light and air, and low-density living, Ylang Lane is designed to satisfy many requirements prescribed by eco certifications. 
Located on Ylang Street in New Manila, Quezon City, Ylang Lane Townhouses takes after Mañosa Properties’ other premium townhome development, Lantana Lane, which is also found in the area. For more information, contact 705.1135/497.7302/842.6988 and 0917.585.6709, Lisette Mangonon (Sales and Marketing Director);

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum: Small But Powerful

Small is the new big. Think cameras, mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets. As digital technology moves fast forward in this millennial age, more and more people will be on the go; the “one-touch”, “all-in-one” system will touch more lives, making small become even  smaller.

Yes, size matters. And with highly mobile people getting more health-conscious nowadays, they need to be assured that the health benefits they get should be substantial yet easily realizable. And specifically when it comes to oral health, carrying the small and compact Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum becomes a big advantage. What if on certain occasions and days you are in the midst of doing an event, participating in a grueling seminar or just stuck in a whirlwind of work, and brushing or flossing is impossible to squeeze in to your tight schedule?
What if you are on a long road trip and can’t find a fairly clean and decent toilet to do your dental habit routine? Or simply fighting off a craving for sweet, bad-for-the-teeth candy?
That’s when Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum comes in handy. Think of it as a pocket-sized dental/oral care kit you can take with you anytime, anywhere, especially if there is no time to brush your teeth or floss! Just bring it and reap the benefits of remineralized teeth for stronger enamel protection as well as fighting bad bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Why is “remineralization” important, and what role does Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum play in it? Whenever we eat, our teeth’s surface or the protective layer called “enamel” is threatened by acid-forming bacteria by creating invisible cracks, which then makes it vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. And this is where Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum helps because it contains xylitol, a natural sugar that stops the growth of cavity-causing bacteria to help reduce the risk of tooth decay. Plus it has “calcium phosphates” that help remineralize or rebuild the teeth so it remains strong and healthy for us to keep that toothy and gleaning smile.
Couple brushing with a fluoride-based toothpaste and flossing with the other habits of maintaining good oral hygiene: eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and visiting the dentist once or twice a year, you’re truly on your way to dental health bliss.

Because it’s the small things that count in your life, you can count on Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum. With just 2 pellets of Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum 4-5 times a day, keep your teeth decay-free and your mouth healthy. Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum, which comes in Fresh Mint, Blueberry Mint and Lime. 

Mint, is sold and distributed in the Philippines by Lotte Confectionary (Pilipinas) Corp. and is available at major drugstores, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. For more information about Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum, visit:

CINE EUROPA: 15 Years + 3 More Cities

The 15th edition of the Cine Europa Film Festival will open with a splash at Shangri-La Plaza on 5 September including a performance by the Manila String Quartet, a painting exhibition by local artists and the screening of the movie "Upperdog",  to mark the inclusion for the first time of a movie from Norway.

To mark its fifteenth year, Cine Europa will draw on its collaboration with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) to double the numbe rof film Festival locations from three to six.  In addition to keeping its long-standing tradition of screenings at:
  • Shangri-La Plaza (6 to 16 September)
  • Ayala Center in Cebu (21 to 24 September)
  • Liceo de Cagayan in Cagayan de Oro (27 to 30 September)
Cine Europa 15 will then continue in three other cities:
  • FDCP Cinemateque, Davao ( 4 to 7 October);
  • FDCP Cinemateque, Baguio (11 to 14 October), and
  • FDCP Cinemateque, Iloilo (18 to 21 October)

To further mark the special occassion, the organisers of Cine Europa are for the first time tapping the resources of the Independent Film Cooperative (IFC) to enhance further the educational component of the festival with round table discussions with prominent film personalities and experts exploring the links between European and Filipino films while also offering screenings of selected Filipino movies with European connections.

Back to back with the European films, Cine Europa will show on September 8, 1pm at the Shang's Premiere Theater, "Paglipad ng Anghel", a movie by Clodualdo del Mundo Jr., and a documentary film titled "Kano".
On 15 September at 1pm, "Bakal Boys", considered as the most awarded Filipino film in 2009, winning awards in Thessaloniki, Greece; Torino, Italy; and Barcelona, Spain International Film Festivals, will be featured; and at 4pm, "MNL 143", the movie premiered in the Edinburgh film festival last July 2012 will follow.

From just 11 films in 1998, Cine Europa will now present 21 films from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Admission is free for all screenings at all locations between 6 September and 21 October.
The Manila leg of Cine Europa will open with the movie "Upperdog", which tackles multiculturalism from the experiences of two young Koreans adopted by two different families from Oslo.  Directed by Sarah Johnsen, "Upperdog" received various "Amanda" awards - the equivalent of Oscars in Norway.  In Cebu, the festival will open with the Italian movie by Bernanrdo Bertolucci, "L'Ultimo Imperatore" (The Last Emperor).

For complete line-up of films and synopses, please click here

Julian Vassallo, Political Counsellor at the European Union Delegation to the Philippines said that:
Cine Europa 15 is first and foremost an opportunity for Filipinos to enjoy a taste of Europe's particular cinematic traditions.  It is also an opportunity for us Europeans to wear our heart on our sleeve and share our hopes, fears and dreams with our Filipino friends.
This year's educational component and the screening of select Filipino movies will also explore the links between the European and Filipino cinema which are deeper than many may think.  Educational round tables will tackle different aspects of cinematic art while information will be made available on Filipino filmmakers may be able to access European funds.

The Manila edition of Cine Europa will be inaugurated by the Chargé d'Affaires, a.i. of the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines, Lubomir Frebort, in the presence of Euroepan Ambassadors and Consuls as well as Ms. Lala Fojas, Executive Vice President and Genereal Manager of Shangri-La Plaza Corporation.
Cine Europa 15 is organised by the European Union Cultural Group in Manila which gathers together the Embassies and Cultural Institutes of the European Union.  The Embassies of Norway and Switzerland, the Film Development Council of the Philippines, the Independent Film Cooperative, the Shangri-La Plaza Mall (Manila), Arts Council of Cebu and Liceo de Cagayan de Oros (Mindanao)are partners of Cine Europa 15.

KLM royal Dutch Airlines supports Cine Europa 15, and has kindly donated one economy class return ticket to Europe to be raffled amongst those attending any of the screenings of Cine Europa.  It is also a pleasure to acknowledge and thank our new partners: and Travelife Magazine.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stackers Burger Café: First Baked Fried Chicken

Stackers Burger Café, one of the country’s leading fast-casual food concept, recently introduced another groundbreaking gastronomic treat that is sure to become the next best thing in chicken: “Baked Fried Chicken.”

This breakthrough chicken masterpiece was launched first at the Franchise Asia Philippines 2012 Expo held recently at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. The Stackers Burger Café Baked Fried Chicken is another food innovation from Bryan Tiu, founding owner of Teriyaki Boy before he sold 70% of the brand to the Pancake House Group in 2005. A prime restaurateur with several known food brands under his I-Foods, Inc., Tiu is at the helm of other homegrown brands like Tokyo CaféPeri-Peri Chicken and Kogi Bulgogi.

The newest thing to ever happen to chicken, Stackers’ Baked Fried Chicken is Tiu’s latest take on the all-time Pinoy favorite. Mastered after months of careful research by the I-Foods Inc. research & development team, Stackers’ Baked Fried Chicken surprised all with 80% less oil so it’s lighter and healthier than the usual fast food fried chicken. A definite treat to the more health-conscious food lovers who just love their fried chicken. Dare to compare Stackers’ Baked Fried Chicken with your usual fastfood fried chicken and enjoy the healthier difference. 

In the Franchise Asia 2012, I-Foods, Inc. gave away complimentary Baked Fried Chicken gift certificates to expo attendees and other prospective franchisees in order to provide them with the opportunity to try out this new and exciting offering. 

Try this out-of-the-ordinary chicken delight available in all Stackers Burger Café outlets located at Eastwood CityResorts World and McKinley Hill Venice Piazza in Bonifacio Global City, Alabang Town Center and also at its newly opened branch at the Promenade Mall in Greenhills, San Juan City. 

Also exhibited at the Franchise Expo was Tiu’s Tokyo Café, which showcased the Japanese way of preparing coffee. Coffee connoisseur Atsushi Yoshizawa’s coffee creations are the main reasons why coffee-loving Pinoys continue to troop to Tokyo Café to sample its brewed treats like its famous “Tokyo Blend.” For their delectable food pleasures, Tokyo Café boasts of its “creamy ebiko pasta,” “chicken and cheese roll,” and “Tenju.”

I-Foods Inc.'s other food retail brands include: Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken and Kogi Bulgogi. Tiu said opening possible franchise opportunities to business-minded individuals like himself will enable more Filipinos to enjoy his company’s pioneering and inventive food brands and its outstanding value offerings.

For more details about the Stackers Burger Café’s Baked Fried Chicken and information on franchising, call 723-6033 or 09178779909

Monday, August 27, 2012

Vegan Shabu-Shabu: Healthy and Delicious

Yesterday, me and my friends attended the Star Wars Movie Marathon event at the Fong Guang Shan Mabuhay Temple. It is part of the regular monthly activities at the temple of by the Dharma Cinema Circle (Film Study Group). We had in-between breaks after every movie finished. Fong Guang Shan Mabuhay Temple is a Buddhist temple, all of the food and drinks served are vegan (all vegetables, no fish or meat, no milk or eggs).

During dinner time, we thought of trying the Vegan Shabu-Shabu at the Waterdrop Tea House inside the temple. Thanks to Marjee for the treat, next time it will be on me. 
We had a teapot of Oolong Tea while we were waiting for our order.  It took around 10-15 minutes before it was served to us. When the Vegan Shabu-Shabu (P200) was served, it was in a big black iron pot and came together with a portable stove on our table.

We were 5 persons that shared the Vegan Shabu-Shabu. It had hefty servings of Pechay   Baguio, slices of Squash (Pumpkin), tomato slices, sliced corn cobs, vegemeat, tofu slices, cubed veggie ham and identical veggie fish cake. It was served with Satay (peanut) sauce and chili sauce for additional flavor according to your own taste. 

We also had a free refill of the soup so the Vegan Shabu-Shabu was more than enough for us. It's not just healthy but it was also delicious. Everyone of us felt fulfilled for this extraordinary soup. It made us really full. Who says that vegan or vegetarian food is not good? If you'll try it, you will know that I'm saying the truth. 

Waterdrop Tea House is located inside the Fong Guang Shan Mabuhay Temple.
656 P. Ocampo St., Malate, Manila  (across Century Park Hotel and near Rizal Memorial Stadium). It is open to everyone but if you want to try their some of their vegetarian dishesthe Water Drop Tea House is open from Tuesdays to Sundays (except Mondays) 9am to 8pm only. 


President Aquino’s SONA reflects ESQUIRE FINANCING’s devotion to Philippines’ economic growth.

Data from the Bangko Sentral showed that micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) make up 99.6 percent of the total number of enterprises, account for almost 70 percent of total jobs generated, and contribute 32 percent of the GDP.

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino‘s recent State of The Nation Address (SONA) stirred up hope and inspiration, given the numbers from Bangko Sentral. Aside from a rundown of his cabinet’s accomplishments and to do list, Aquino proudly emphasized that “what was once the sick man of Asia now brims with vitality”. The President substantiated this claim with the 6.4 percent growth in the GDP in the first quarter of the year, the highest in Southeast Asia. Aquino shared how commentators from the international community have lauded these achievements, with Foreign Policy Magazine even calling the Philippines “Asia’s Next Tiger” and financial giant Morgan Stanley investing a billion dollars in Philippine markets.

ESQUIRE FINANCING Inc’s President/CEO Rajan Uttamchandani shares the country leader’s and the international media’s optimism and believes that more small and medium entrepreneurs take advantage of the strong economy. EFI, the leader in Growth Stage financing, provides hassle-free and non-collateral business loans to growing businesses.

For more information on ESQURE FINANCING INC. visit or contact or call 0917.513.5573

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chef's Noodle Philippines: Korean Feast For Less

Chef's Noodle has arrived in the Philippines! 
They have invited some food bloggers lately at their barely new restaurant. The restaurant is actually a Master Franchise by Simisim Group of Companies in the Philippines, which assures that quality of its brand. Chef's Noodle is a fast-casual dining Korean fusion restaurant.

Everyone of us had to choose our own dish. While we were waiting for our ordered food, our drinks have been served to us since the expected cooking time is about 15-20 minutes. 
I ordered for Strawberry Iced Tea (P35 Regular; P55 Refillable) while a fellow blogger asked for the Lemon Iced Tea (P35 Regular; P55 Refillable).

Now are you interested for a sampling? 
Here’s a peek at Chef’s Noodles yummy dishes: Kimbap (P95) is the Korean version of Sushi. Nori-wrapped rice rolls with korean ham, radish, cucumber and egg. This is perfect for a quick lunch or snack for people on the go. I have shared it with other bloggers.

The Masterpiece Chef's Noodle (P150) is the restaurant’s signature dish that's a delightful savory concoction of noodles with a variety of toppings like tamago, bean sprouts, fried tofu, jun-ya, kutchai, and choice of seafood or beef broth. It is created by South Korea's Celebrity Chef - Choi In Sun. This is one of their bestsellers that you will get to share with your family and friends. It is spicy but tolerable.

Spicy Ddukbokki (P150) is a spicy rice cake seasoned with various fruit juices topped with halved hardboiled egg and sesame seeds. This was the featured dish at the Ddukbokki Eating Challenge lately. The pungent color of chili makes me scared to try this dish.

Donkas (P130) is a breaded Pork fillet with a special blend of sweet and tangy sauce. The counterpart of Japan's Pork Tonkatsu.

Japchae (P130) is a traditional Korean glass noodle dish stir fried with beef and vegetables.

Bibim Noodle (P130) is a Korean cold noodle topped with egg roll, bean sprouts, bulgogi and mixed with Chef’s Noodle’s version of sweet and spicy Bibim Sauce. I will definitely eat this again when I come back soon.

Leek Shrimp Twigim (P99) Deep fried leeks and shrimp cooked with a hint of curry powder and dip into tempura sauce. The Korean counterpart of our own Okoy. This is one of my favorites.

Wanja Steak Jun (P175)  is a deep fried beef steak pancake topped with a special sauce, cheese, sesame seeds and egg. Served on a medium wooden basket. I love this dish because the big beef patty was made with real beef and really savory.

The Starking Fire Sushi (P160) is the restaurant's famous dish wherein the rice is topped with thinly sliced Australian Beef torched in front of us and served with soy and wasabi. Watch the video below for yourself and be startled.

I also got the chance to taste their Korean Coffee while having meals. If Chinese people drink tea during or after meals, Koreans drink coffee. You'll get a free cup of coffee when you spend at least P100 worth of food purchase.  Their coffee is far more better than the instant coffee mix because it has a great aroma and the coffee has been granulized, not powdered.

It’s also worth that Chef’s Noodle doesn’t just offer delectable dishes that have a unique twist, it also makes sure that it keeps prices affordable so that more people can enjoy awesome Korean food. Perfect for students on a budget to families, and basically just anyone who’s in the mood for a hearty, delicious meal.

Ensuring that each visit is going to be a delightful experience for diners, Chef’s Noodle’s courteous staff will easily make everyone feel at home, which is complimented with a relaxed ambiance. 

Chef's Noodle 
2/F University Mall, Taft Avenue, Malate, 
Manila, Philippines
Telephone No: (02) 405-0129

facebook page: chefsnoodlephils