Friday, August 24, 2012

Moonleaf Tea Shop: White Taro Milk Tea

Last July 23, I was one of the announced winners of Moonleaf's #SomethingWhite contest. Where in you need to post a picture of your favorite white object either on facebook, twitter and on your blog. Since I just got my new HTC Desire C (White) that I also won from a raffle so I decided to join the contest. 

At first, I was very happy to win the contest. Moonleaf announced the winners on July 23 but they emailed me last August1 that I can claim my prize - a free cup of White Taro milk tea at my preferred branch which is the St. Thomas Square in Sampaloc, Manila. After 2 days, I went to the branch to get my prize. 

Fact:  Moonleaf conducted the contest because they said that the contest winners will be the first ones to experience Moonleaf's new milk tea flavor - White Taro.

I was disappointed because the store crew said that they can't give my prize since they were not advised by the head office regarding the facebook promo. I even want to show them the email I received but its useless. After two weeks, I tried again and it was still the same.  I have not claimed my prize yet. I was so frustrated so I emailed back Moonleaf to dispute my prize. 

I was replied back after a day by Eugene A. Sugian (Marketing Officer of Moonleaf Tea Shop). He apologized to me about what happened and compensated me by giving 2 free White Taro Milk Teas with pastries :)

The next day, I went back to my preferred branch of Moonleaf which is at St. Thomas Square. I have been in Moonleaf before but it is always full of customers, mostly students from FEU and UST. Having tea, chatting or just hanging around with friends. Even the white table and chairs are so small for an adult like me, it's like kiddie size. 

When we arrived at Moonleaf, the store crew waved and smiled at me when he noticed me. He even said that they were given instructions already regarding my prize. I was even going to show him the email sent to me by Moonleaf's Marketing Officer but he said no need as they have their own copy.

Here's what I got: 2 cups of White Taro Milk Tea 
The White Taro Milk Tea is made from Taro (a root crop - Gabi in Tagalog). Most milk tea companies have this kind of flavor though this one tastes different. I enjoyed it so much :)

They run out of Muffins so they ask me if its okay with me to pair it up with Carbonara. I agreed to have Carbonara but my companion has chosen to have a Tuna Turn-Over instead. 

The Carbonara was a big serving, more than enough for a snack which is dinner for me already. It has several slices of sweet ham and the sauce of Carbonara was creamy enough. It was served with two toasted bread on the side. Its tastes okay, not bad at all.

I still consider going back to Moonleaf soon to try out their pastries, pasta and other meals. The prices of their products are also affordable that even students can afford, no wonder. Other milk tea shops don't have meals unlike Moonleaf that's why I am reconsidering it. I appreciate the effort of Moonleaf's Marketing Officer, Eugene A. Sugian for acknowledging my concern.  

Moonleaf Tea Shop has several branches in Manila. Check the nearest branch to you using their Store Locator:


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  1. Good that they have included some snack items now and they are not just limited to tea drinks unlike other tea stores.