Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sony VAIO™ Tap 20: Enjoy Family Moments Like Never Before

The New Sony VAIO™ Tap 20 

Large 20” touchscreen, innovative apps, and conveniently integrated battery transforming home computing into a fun experience that you can share with your loved ones
– Computers have become a necessity to every home. That is a fact, and with the popularity of the tablet computer, more and more Filipino families want to abandon the conventional desktop PC for tablets. However, with the many limitations of a tablet computer, families who love to share activities at home are faced with the dilemma of choosing between a tablet and a conventional desktop PC.

Sony today brings to the Philippines a solution to this dilemma with the all new Sony VAIO™ Tap 20, a combination of the tablet and conventional desktop PC.  The new Sony VAIO™ Tap 20 transforms home computing into a fun, engaging experience. Featuring a large, fully-adjustable 20” touchscreen and integrated battery, the VAIO™ Tap 20 offers new usage opportunities for individuals as well as the entire family
Versatile viewing
The VAIO™ Tap 20 can be adjusted into any angle depending on usage with its flexible stand that offers seamless movement from multiple viewing angles. Laying the VAIO™ flat lets users read digital magazines or have fun with the barkada and family with its multi-touch panel for board games, sketching pictures and more, while sitting the VAIO™ Tap 20 at an angle allows users to take full advantage of the new Windows 8 touch-optimised user interface. 

When in desktop style, the VAIO™ Tap 20 becomes a fully capable desktop PC that can be used with the bundled PC and mouse. With its vibrant 20” 1600x900 screen viewers enjoy rich, true-to-life colour regardless of screen angle or seating position. 

In addition to the wide range of family-friendly touch applications available in the Windows Store, The VAIO™ Tap 20 comes with two original apps developed with the family in mind. Family Paint lets users paint, draw and scribble with their fingers, using a range of brushes and textures. Kids will especially enjoy the dual-angle feature, which allows two people to paint from opposite sides, with plenty of canvas thanks to its large 20” screen. The playfully designed Fingertapps Organiser turns a typical monthly planner into an entertaining life organiser for the whole family. Everyone – dad, mom, lola, lolo, ate, kuya and bunso– will enjoy managing their schedules and messaging boards with a few swipes of the finger.

Be it in the living room, the bedroom or the study, you can enjoy using the VAIO™ Tap 20 wherever you want at home. Its flexibility allows you to bring the fun where the rest of the family is.  

Enjoy multimedia and social media with ease
Perfect for the family’s viewing pleasure, the VAIO™ Tap 20 features Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 which ensures crisp, natural movie viewing with fine details and fluid on-screen movement. ClearAudio+ mode, developed with Sony’s own signal processing technologies, allows users to effortlessly enjoy audio quality that is distinctly Sony. ClearAudio+ mode incorporates a variety of Sony's technologies, but with one simple operation, users can easily enjoy Sony recommended sound in ultimate clarity and presence, across the entire spectrum of sound.

Perfect for the musical needs for any family occasion, the ‘Music’ application lets you enjoy your music collection with excellent quality thanks to ClearAudio+, while the ‘Album’ application makes viewing, sorting or sharing pictures and videos fun and intuitive. Both applications lets you ‘throw’ or stream personal photos, video and music content to enjoy on DLNA compatible large screen TV and audio systems.

Users can also download the ‘Socialife’ app for their VAIO™ Tap 20, a unique application that organises your social and information world. This feature is perfect for the Facebook users in the family for them to view, sort and manage all social networking services and news feeds through one stylish user interface, alongside your friends’ feeds and posts. Mark interesting articles for later reading when you’re not so busy. Based on what your friends are reading, ‘Socialife’ also points you to other popular topics and even suggests content that you might like. Keeping track of your friends and family becomes more convenient.

To record precious family moments, users can use the VAIO™ Movie Creator to turn video clips and pictures into short movies, all with an intuitive touch-based interface. In addition to supporting HD and 3D formats, VAIO™ Movie Creator lets users upload their work to SNS services like Facebook to share with friends.

The new VAIO™ Tap 20 from Sony will be available in the Philippines by end of October 2012. 

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