Monday, February 27, 2012


The 11th PHIL FOOD EXPO 2012 (FROM FARM TO FORK) was held last February 23-26, 2012 at the World Trade Center Manila. Its a showcase of the best Philippine food products for local and export trade varying from raw food to cooked food that's why (FROM FARM TO FORK).

I have attended the event on the last day together with my sisters. The event was open to the public and FREE admission but you just have to register at the entrance of the event which is not fussy at all.

There were cooking demos during the event like one of the demos we have witnessed on how to cook the Vigan Empanada. The ingredients were dough, potatoes, toge(bean sprouts), Vigan longganisa (sausage), and boiled eggs. We also bought some empanadas since its very appetizing to us. 

There were many food exhibitors but I will just highlight our favorites during the event.
We also managed to pose with the cute mascots of the food exhibitors like Mr. Liempo and Dee's Baked Popcorn.

We have tried to buy different organic products from Gourmet Farms (Tagaytay) like their Lettuce Chips with Tomato Salsa Dip, DIY Salad, Spaghetti and other sauces. The food tastes so good.

We have tried different food samplings from most food exhibitors from food staples, coffee, canned food, even chocolate and strawberry fountains.

I like this vegetable carvings because of its cute cat design since I am a cat lover. Its being showcase by an exhibitor selling food carving & knife set. We didn't buy from them since we have one at home already.

Before we left the event, we passed through The Bar Vodka's booth. They were having a drinking challenge of vodka for guys (with a prize). I was surprised because after that they were calling women as challengers.  I drink occasionally with friends only but I never drink liquor for a dare but I was challenged because of the prize.  There were 3 girls in the challenge (including me)  and you have to consume the five shots of vodka.

Who won the vodka drinking challenge? Of course it's me! 
Whats the prize? A set of  5 piece shot glass from The Bar Vodka Shots!

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