Wednesday, January 25, 2012

6th Chinese Spring Film Festival 2012

Me and my friend Tin had the privilege to do a film marathon yesterday at the 6th Chinese Spring Film Festival 2012 in the Shang Cineplex. I had attended last year the same film event but you need to pay PHP100 for every Chinese film. Its the first time this year that it's going to be FREE ADMISSION to the public.

 You just need to be there at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the film showing so that you can fall in line to get your own ticket.
I came first around 12pm while my friend Tin arrived at 1pm since the first film to be shown is around 130pm which was the Bodyguards and Assassins.

Me and my friend like this film so much. I like it because it is based to the Chinese history. 
I am a big fan of World History when I was in high school so I can relate to it.  The businessman Li Yutang, is the one financially supporting the revolution which reminds me of Romano Ongpin in Philippine history during the Spanish times. He tried to protect the most important man in Chinese history - Gen. Sun Yat-Sen. While the Empress Dowager tried to get assassins to kill him so that the revolution will not push through so Li Yutang tried to get bodyguards as much as he can to protect him. The bodyguards were consists of a beggar, a theater actress, a gambler, tofu seller and rickshaw pullers. Don't underestimate them, they have awesome fighting skills. We love the chasing scenes - no cars but just the rickshaws being pulled and run by foot of the rickshaw pullers. So many lives were sacrificed but its all worthwhile for their freedom. It's a must see film!
 The second film at 4pm was a comedy film - Lost On Journey.
Lost On Journey is also a good film, its like the counterpart of Steve Martin's movie Planes, trains, and automobiles. Its all about the misadventures of two different people - Li Chenggong and Niu Geng. Li Chenggong has a good life but he's a pessimist. Niu Geng is a cow milker, he's poor but has a good heart and an optimist. Their differences brought them together along the way and became good friends. A film about friendship and being positive in tough times. We had a good laugh on this film with their misadventures.

Third film at 630pm was Confucius.

Confucius is still famous until these days, he was a great teacher. The film was about his biography on how he became famous because of his teachings during the time of chaos. 
The time of war and the war lords fighting over lands. He was a teacher later promoted as a political leader but abandoned later by the different dynasties. He was exiled and became a nomad, he wandered for several years yet unrecognized not until the right time came and his teachings were so great that it further developed into Confucianism. It's a good film too but a bit boring along the way and its a 2hour film.

My friend Tin said good bye to me after Confucius. I still manage to stay and watched the last film of the day at 9pm. Its the first 3D animated film in China - The King of Milu Deer.

Prince Tzan is on a mission to search for the Labyrinth Mountain to hunt the The King of Milu Deer.  Its been 10 years that has not rain yet in their kingdom so they need to sacrifice the The King of Milu Deer. Along his mission, he met Yoyo - a white female dear in a human form and fell in love with her. He has fought his own soldiers, the sea monsters and the evil prime minister who wanted to destroy the forest. Its a good film not just for the kids but also for the young at heart.  The film's message is to save the wildlife and protect the environment.

We were fortunate to view the best Chinese films in a day. However, I wasn't able to see Jet Li's first dramatic role in Ocean Heaven.  I was planning to come back in the other days to watch it but I was busy, too bad.

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